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Welcome to the new site of EnVy Update ! If you don’t know us already, EnVy Update is a twitter account run by a few nV supporters and updating on everything EnVyUs-related, from round per round CSGO matches updates to announcements and other coverages when the different nV teams are playing. We are now looking to go further in these updates by opening this blog. Here, you will find news and articles regarding tournaments, the teams or the organisation. However, EnVyUpdate is not part of Team EnVyUs, and this website is not official. We hope you enjoy and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @EnVyUpdate ! #EoD

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UMG South Carolina preview

Despite being announced as the biggest year yet for CoD eSports, 2016 has seen a very small amount of LAN events. In fact, UMG South Carolina will only be the second event non-related to the Call Of Duty World League Pro Division hosted by ESL.

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nV branches out into Overwatch

A great surprise to say the least, nV’s first eSport move of 2016 will involve a game that is not out yet.

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nV.GoW finishes 2nd at the ESL Gears of War League Season 1

Despite a strong showing from the boys in blue throughout the whole season online, the team did not manage to win the championship as they fell short against Denial eSport 2 to 3 in a best-of-5 serie.

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nV.CSGO acquires Maniac as coach

It has been announced earlier today that former Titan’s CSGO pro player Maniac will join nV as a coach for 2016.

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nV.Smite are your Xbox Smite Season 2 World Champions !

nV.Smite won their first LAN and World Championship under Team EnVyUs.

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EnVy 2016 : What’s next

As 2016 start, we take a look at what is to expect from nV as an organization for the beginning of the year :

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nV.CoD’s official definitive roster announced

As expected by many, Teepee will come back to nV.CoD for the beginning of the CoD Black Ops 3 season.

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Open letter to @hastr0

We owe you a lot :

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Team EnVyUs expands to Halo

This is it ! EnVy expands once more, to Halo this time, and will compete in the recently reformed Halo eSport scene.

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