Hastr0 caught us by surprise by announcing the expansion of EnVyUS into the growing Gears Of War competitive scene. And if you did not know it yet, we’ve got you updated !  The team, formerly Team Fury, is composed of 4 talented players : Praized, Soto, FraNChiS and Kenny ( felt like we needed more than one ) and their coach Ryan. 48 hours later, nV.GoW qualified for the recently-announced ESL Gears Of War Pro League after a sweeping victory against Swarm. The players are ready and waiting to perform at the top during the rest of 2015, and got their eyes on the $50000 prize pool of the ESL GoW Pro League Season 1’s final, which will take place in january 2016. We are looking forward to learn more about this game and the newest boys in blue and are excited for the future with these guys, game on ! #EoD