Get hyped ! Dreamhack announced yesterday the groups for the upcoming CSGO major tournament, DH Open Cluj-Napoca which will take place in Romania from october 28th to november 1st. nV kept the “legendary team” status, due to their performance at the last major, ESL One Cologne, and did not have to go through a qualification process. As expected for an event of this kind, the competition will be tough, and the boys in blue will have to fight their way out of the groups, as they will have to take on the dangerous Na’Vi team, as well as Dignitas and NA’s Counter Logic Gaming in group D. The competiton looks promising as none of these teams are to underestimate and we are impatient to see this major begin. #EoD

CRsFJL6WcAAthxz.png largeTake a look at all 4 groups for DH Cluj-Napoca ( Source : )