As you may know if you are following the nV.CSGO players on Twitter, they have been unable to play from the bootcamp that was planned to take place this week at their team villa in Nice, France.  Instead, they had to borrow a room at french newspaper Nice Matin‘s offices in Nice to prepare for DH Cluj-Napoca. The team is still able to spend the rest of their time at the villa, but due to the fiber not being connected yet, they are unable to bootcamp from the there. This situation was originally caused by floodings on the french riviera earlier in october ( read more ). These delayed the setting up of the fiber all around the city. The villa was however not damaged by the floodings because of its location up in the hills of Nice. The fiber will come at some point, it’s just a matter of being patient before the the team house can be used for its original purpose : play games ! #EoD

CRtFGpWWcAAGLKZThe boys bootcamping in Nice Matin‘s offices.