With CoD : Black Ops 3 around the corner and after a tough CoD : Advanced Warfare season, the EnVyUs Call Of Duty team changes.  Jkap will stay in the team, joined by the legendary veteran Aches. Those two will be play along Slasher, who shown his great talent during the CoD : AW season. This group will be looking for a 4th player and will try different options, including Merk. However, this veteran nV member will be looking for a team as he declared free agency, we wish him the best and are looking forward to his return at the top. We aslo wish the best to Goonjar, and to our good friend Loony, an amazing Call Of Duty player, after they both got released from the roster. We hope they find the great teammates that they deserve ! We are impatient to see the final roster and hope for a great start and great placings in the first CoD : BO3 events. We’ll keep you updated when the full and definitive roster is announced ! #EoD