THEY DID IT ! The major is finally ours, the boys in blue defeated Na’Vi in the grand final of the CSGO major DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca !

The team started the tournament confident by winning against Dignitas 16-6 on Cobble, and moved to the group D’s winner match where they took on Na’Vi. They managed to win 16-9 on Mirage to get out of groups and face Fnatic in quarterfinals. A war took place as nV lost 9-16 on Mirage, however, they played amazing on map 2 Cobble to take it to 1-1 in the Bo3 with a 16-9 win. The third and last map, Cache, ended the rivalry war as nV played an almost-perfect map and destroyed Fnatic 16-2. In semifinals, Happy, NBK, KennyS, Kioshima and apeX had to play one of the toughest match of their career against the talented Gamers2 lineup. G2 managed to take map 1 Dust 2 16-10 and the two teams moved onto Inferno. Map 2 Inferno will stay in memories as the craziest game of the whole tournament, if not one of the craziest games of the year. After a triple overtime and clutch rounds from both sides, nV came back from a triple match point situation against them to take the map 25-21. On map 3 Cache, the boys in blue did not let G2 play and took the whole serie 2-1 after a 16-7 win. Moving on to their second back to back major final, nV had to face Na’Vi one more time. Map 1 was Train, the ukrainians’ pick. On Train, nV grabbed an early lead but Na’Vi managed to come back into the game. After back and forth plays, the french squad managed to win 16-14, and gain some confidence for their map pick : Cobblestone. On Cobble, nV went huge and swept Na’Vi 16-5 to win the whole tournament.

Out of two majors attended, nV made the finals of both and won the second. DH Open Cluj-Napoca will be remembered as KennyS’ first major win, and a well-deserved one, but also as a crazy event, where only one out of the 4 best teams in the world made it to the semifinals, and where upsets took every spectator by surprise.

GGs to our boys in blue, Happy, NBK, KennyS, Kioshima, ApeX, and amazing coach Next ! We can’t wait to see them win even more in the future. #EoD

CSmUiVFUwAA1CzaPhoto credit : Dreamhack