This is it ! EnVy expands once more, to Halo this time, and will compete in the recently reformed Halo eSport scene.

The nV.Halo team will consist of Halo veterans Heinz, aPureGangster, Mikwen playing around the all around Halo legend Pistola, who will come back stronger than ever this year after he missed last year’s return of Halo to the competitive scene due to an hand injury. This squad will be looking to dominate the competition on the newly released Halo 5. As it was announced earlier this year, Halo 5 will receive 343 Industries’ support to set up a World Championship, an international LAN event with a crowdfunded cash prize starting at $1 million. At this time, the prize pool is a little bit above $1.5 million and the players will have until January to participate in the prize pool by buying in-game Req Packs. The event will however take place in march 2016 and until then, we hope to see ESL continuing to run Halo events with their Halo Championship Series, and why not MLG getting into Halo eSports by setting up some events for the Halo 5 season. We’re looking forward to see our 4 Halo players show up, go big and bring home some trophies during 2016 ! #EoD

Follow the newests boys in blue on Twitter :hwc-infographic5_560-42d693c480b64086afa071ce0793a329
Pistola : @Pistola_nV
Heinz : @Heinz_nV
Mikwen : @Mikwen_nV