We owe you a lot :

Back a year ago, we used to call ourselves “the most storied Call Of Duty professionnal team”. We say “we” because it has been more than 3 years now that we’ve been passionnate with nV, as a team, and now as an eSport organization, and we very much enjoy it as a family. A big one.

As we were saying, at the end of 2014, it was just 4 CoD players, a few staff members, and a lot of passion. 2015 will stay as “the year that changed the game”.

We still have no idea about what fueled you this year, but we can tell it isn’t only Monster. In less than year, you expanded nV to what could become one of the biggest organizations in the eSports world. Now of course we know you are not the only one involved with these decisions, but since you are the face of nV, we’ll adress this to you.

You’ve made every fan happy with what you did, and we really hope you had fun doing it, because it has been a wild ride and the hype is still alive. The first move will probably still be the biggest one, and I remember reading people doubting you, as someone from CoD for the most part, it is sad but it is the truth. Almost a year later, you’re considered one of the best, if not the best eSport org owner by many from multiple scenes, because of how you take care of your brand and players. You’ve made a reputation for yourself, and what a reputation ! We’re proud of you, the org and the players, pretty much everybody involved with nV and we can’t thank you enough for this. The best part is : we know you’re not done yet and we can’t wait for 2016…

Now, you know us, we’ve been by your side throughout all this year : nV supporters for more than 3 years for most of us, and you now pretty much know what Team Sidestation is by now. You know, the guys that spammed you to get Pistola or AFK, the same guys who were aware and hyped weeks before the announcements because, for some reason, we always find out. We’re passionnate about nV and it won’t stop. This passion made us friends, very good friends. We talk to each others almost every day even though we’re from different countries, USA, UK, France, Sweden ; and all of this because of nV, a mutual passion.

That’s why we would like to thank you for everything. Let’s get ready for 2016, because we can tell, it is going to be a crazy year for eSports and nV. This is only the beginning of eSports, it’ll keep getting bigger, and you are one of the reason it won’t stop growing.

Thank you again for everything that you’ve done for nV, and we’ll see you at events, all around the world, because Team EnVyUs is internationnal. #EoD