As 2016 start, we take a look at what is to expect from nV as an organization for the beginning of the year :

• After a successful year as one of the best CSGO teams in the world, nV.CSGO will be looking to come back strong and claim back the title as best team in the world, despite a rich competition. Like 2015, 2016 is announced as a great year for the CS:GO scene, combining large events and bigger prizepools. The boys in blue will start the year with a surprise appearance at the $200000 StarSeries XIV Finals in Minsk, Belarus, from January 13th to 17th. They have been invited, despite not qualifying, after the withdraw from Team Method. The team will have to battle against tough competition with teams like Fnatic, Luminosity, team questionmark and many others to claim the title of champions.

• nV.CoD, looking stronger than ever, is still waiting on the announcement of more LAN events for the upcoming year. Their first official matches of 2016 will be played online during the NA CoD World League Season 1, which will hopefully lead them to playoffs after 11 weeks of online battles. The team qualified for the league in December, winning both their matches 3-0 at the invitationnal qualifier. The CWL S1 was planned to start last week, but due to Playstation Network issues, ESL and Activision decided to delay it to January 12th. You can stay updated on the matches and schedules on our Twitter.

• nV.Halo has high expectations going into what is considered to be a great comeback year for Halo eSport. They are currently in the qualifying process for the crowdfunded $2000000 Halo 5 World Championship, set to take place in March of this year. The qualification for the event is earned after 6 online qualifiers and regional playoffs. To qualify for the playoffs, the team will have to stand in the 16 best teams by points earned throughout the online process. They currently stand at the 6th spot as the 3rd online qualifier tourney is set January the 10th. For live updates on the matches, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter. We also hope to see more Halo 5 LAN events announced in the future.

• The Smite 2016 season 3 has yet to start as the World Championship are taking place for Xbox and PC from January 7th to 10th. Sadly, nV did not manage to qualify for the PC WC after a meta change that weakened their playstyle, and despite their strong showing during the Smite 2015 season, before they joined Team EnVyUs. Nonetheless, the Smite boys in blue want to have fun, and the team traveled to Atlanta to watch, but also play. Indeed : Allied, CycloneSpin, Kiki and Weak3n decided to participate in the Xbox Smite WC along with Team Eager’s Omega and CajunAsian ( nV Smite’s coach ). They are currently looking to get out of the open bracket after winning both their matches yesterday.

• Violet, nV’s Starcraft 2 player will try to play at the best level as the third extension of Starcraft 2, Legacy of the Void has been released a month ago. This lastest extension is expected by many to bring back Starcraft 2 as a dominant game in eSports. Future SC2 tournaments including Violet will be announced on our Twitter account, as lots of news are still to come.

• nV’s Gears Of War team will play in the $60000 ESL GoW Season 1 Finals on January 10th. It has also been announced recently that a second season will be held by ESL once again in 2016.

2016 is only starting and we can expect it to be a fantastic year for nV in eSports, to stay updated on upcoming news regarding the teams and future events, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter : @EnVyUpdate. #EoD