It has been announced earlier today that former Titan’s CSGO pro player Maniac will join nV as a coach for 2016.

After being replaced in the Titan’s roster back in September 2015, Maniac stood up as an analyst at IEM San Jose and at the FACEIT League Stage 3 Finals. Convinced by his analyst work at both events, Maniac decided to take the opportunity and join Team EnVyUs as a coach and help nV on their road to victories. Known for his great game knowledge and strategies, Maniac will be the perfect fit for nV strategically and mentally. He will replace Next at the coaching spot, however, Next will remain part of nV and will keep doing the amazing managing job that he has been doing since February of last year. Maniac’s job as nV.CSGO’s coach will start later this month after the StarSeries XIV Finals in Minsk, Belarus, from January 13th to 17th which he will take part in as an analyst. #EoD