Despite a strong showing from the boys in blue throughout the whole season online, the team did not manage to win the championship as they fell short against Denial eSport 2 to 3 in a best-of-5 serie.

Their first match of the LAN Finals went very well as the team won a flawless victory 3-0 over Vexx Gaming to make it to the final stage of the tournament. In the grand final, they faced against Denial eSport, the team that took away from nV the spot as first team in the online league. The first map played was Fuel Depot, which nV managed to take 5-4. Riding with the momentum, they won map 2 Canals 5-2.  In map 3 however, Denial regained confidence and won 5-2 on Mansion. After that, they also managed to take away map 4 Execution 5-3. In a stressful game 5 on Clocktower, Denial managed to take the lead and won 5-3 again, winning the title. nV.GoW may surely be dissapointed with this result as they were considered the best team in the league, but they’ve shown how dangerous they can be with momentum, and still took home about $10000. Praized also won the award for best GoW pro slayer and GoW Pro League MVP. They will be looking to claim back the title in the ESL GoW League Season 2 starting later this year. We will be lookinig forward to them playing and getting Gears Of War eSport at the highest level. #EoD