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UMG South Carolina preview

Despite being announced as the biggest year yet for CoD eSports, 2016 has seen a very small amount of LAN events. In fact, UMG South Carolina will only be the second event non-related to the Call Of Duty World League Pro Division hosted by ESL.

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nV.CoD’s official definitive roster announced

As expected by many, Teepee will come back to nV.CoD for the beginning of the CoD Black Ops 3 season.

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nV.CoD’s roster changes

With CoD : Black Ops 3 around the corner and after a tough CoD : Advanced Warfare season, the EnVyUs Call Of Duty team changes.  Continue reading “nV.CoD’s roster changes”

nV.CoD finishes 4th at MLG World Finals 2015

Despite a great performance during the early stages of the competition, nV.CoD dropped 0-3 to Denial in the losers bracket round 7 to place 4th at the last CoD : Advanced Warfare event of the year. Continue reading “nV.CoD finishes 4th at MLG World Finals 2015”

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